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Kim Kardashian 's Kimoji App for iPhone, Android Windows

The celebrity's app took the entire world by storm when she announced Kimoji App for iPhone few days back and for other iOS devices.

Kim Kardashian's previous game app called Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a great success for the celebrity and the new Kimoji App again have created the history. Soon after its release, the App started to be downloaded by the huge fan base even though they have to spend $1.99 for this app.

The iTune went down because of heavy load on server as confirmed by celebrity through Twitter.
image source: itune

Kim Kardashian West is among the most popular celebrity in the world and thats the reason both the apps became viral soon after its release on different app stores.

The huge fan base are ready to spend money to download Celeb's app and for in-app purchase. You can download the app here

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Kimoji App for iOS, Android and Windows

Kimoji app is available exclusively for iOS devices at the moment and the Android/Windows phone users will have compatible version pretty soon.

The users who wants to download Kimoji for iPhone have to spend $1.99 to download it. The app is actually a keypad with Kim's emoji that can be used with WhatsApp, iMessage and Email etc.

Among the emoji's you will have crying kim face, Kim's butt, nailpolish etc. which you can send while chatting through any messaging or email app.

This could be a bad news for the users who are yet to attain 17 years of age as the app is strictly made available to download for those who are 17 or older because of inappropriate content.

The app has more than 250 Kim's emoji and is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch however the android/windows users are required to wait for sometime.

According to the sources the android and windows version soon be available for download.

The app is being loved by many people from around the world because of Kim's popularity however during initial days some of the customers complained about non functioning of app after download and first use.

According to the reviews posted by users on various sites and on twitter, the emojis don't load after first use. The same issue was brought to the developers notice and it has been fixed now as confirmed by the celebrity through twitter.

However if you still not able to resolve the problem, try below method. Before trying this method, re-start your phone as this may resolve the problem.

The problem has occurred as you might have not given full access to the app which can be done as below.

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard> Keyboards> Kimoji and the allow full access to Kimoji app. Restart the phone and it should resolve the problem. You will see all the emojis have reappeared !

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