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How to register free email at or Gmail sign in | gmail Sign | Log In - Today almost everything is being done online hence it has become must for everyone to be a tech savvy so that he/she can do the basic stuff.

Since most of the stuff are being done online one important thing for all such activities is having a valid email account.

Whether you are applying for a job or signing up for a newsletter on a news website, playing a game online or buying stuff online, you must have an email account.

When we talk about the most popular and reliable free email service provider, comes first in my list however there are several other options too which the users can go for.

The other major free email service providers include,, Hotmail/,, etc.

It depends on the choice and preference of the users which company they want to go with. For me, works pretty well as I find it very reliable, easy to use and it comes with several other associated products such as Google Plus social account, Google Analytic and Webmasters tools for managing websites etc.

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In today's article I'll be sharing a method to create an account with or log in however in case you want to go with other companies which I've discussed above, you can search through this blog to find out methods to create an account or to sign in to your email account with those companies.

Before we move forward to create an account, let me give a brief introduction about Gmail.

Brief discussion about 

Gmail is free email service being offered by world's most reliable and biggest tech company; Google Inc. which was started by Paul back in 2004.

Since the inception, Gmail gained love from over 900 million subscribers as of May, 2015 and the numbers are growing with a very fast pace.

The service is available in more than 70 languages to facilitate users belonging to non-english countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy etc.

Registering an email account with Gmail is completely free which takes no more than 5 mins. I will later show the process of creating a free email account in this article, Stay tuned !

The service is being offered for over 11 years and we have hardly noticed any technical problem. Google is continuously improving Gmail based on the feedback from its valued users and having an interactive compose box is a great example of the same.  

Interesting features of 

Before we head to create an account with Gmail or Sign in, let's take a look at some interesting features.

  • Reliability - Whenever anyone buys any product or service, the first time which comes in his mind how reliable it is. If we talk about the reliability of, I will give 10 out of 10 for its reliability. In my 9 years of continuous use of Gmail I hardly found any occasion when the service wasn't available or see any technical Issue !. So the reliability is an important factor for
  • Send larger files as attachment - Sending big files as an attachment is a  major issue and unlike other service providers, Gmail has the solution for this problem. With Gmail, you can send files sized upto 25 GB as attachment because of an innovative Gdrive integration.
  • Cloud Storage - With each account sign up, the users get 15 GB of cloud storage absolutely free to store different files. The company offers such huge space free of cost which can cost you great dollars if you buy this much of space from cloud storage companies. You can save photos, files which you need to access from different locations frequently because of the reliability of Gmail and because of being the most secured !
  • Security - Being the most advanced tech company, Google offers great security for an email account to protect personal data that users send/receive through emails. The unbreakable security system and notifications immediately after noticing strange activity with email account make Gmail the most secure out of available options (atleast for me!)
  • Hangout with Hangout - Hangout virtually with your friends living anywhere in the world through chat messenger which comes as an integrated feature of Gmail. Users can make audio/video calls with anyone else having account too with the best voice and video quality !
  • Google Plus - Get social online through your Google Plus social media account and have latest updates about different stuff from across the globe !
  • Google Docs - One of the best part of Gmail is Google docs ! You can create forms to collect data from your website or by directly sharing the link to Google form. There are lots of great feature by which you can make your Google Form look interesting such as adding radio button, offering choice to select one option out of available options etc. Creating form is pretty easy and could be used to collect data from website's users OR to collect data for a research project. Sign up | Register gmail account

Let's start with registering account. I will split the entire process in several steps to make the it simple.

Step -1) To register an account with Gmail, you need to use a browser of your choice and open the URL

Step -2) Upon opening the above URL you will see a sign in form which you can't use unless you have an email account. Scroll down and click "Create account"

Step -3) On the next page, a simple form will pop up wherein the users need to enter first name, last name, email ID, password, gender, DOB, nationality and most importantly the phone number. The phone number is pretty useful in case you lose the password.

Step -4) Once everything is filled and after entering captcha to confirm that you are't a bot, hit NEXT button. You will be re-directed to your inbox wherein a simple wizard will help you understand some basic features of

Gmail sign in| Log in to Gmail account

You will be able to log in your account if and only if you are a registered member. In case you already have Gmail account, you can sign in to your account by clicking below button.

I hope you find this article helpful. If you do, please share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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