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Download WhatsApp on PC (Windows 10/ 8/ 8.1/ 7/ XP) for free

Download WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp is one of the most popular app in today's world scenario and we hardly notice anyone who doesn't know about this cross platform instant messaging app. In this post, we will talk about how to get WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp has made the communication super easy and cheaper. You just need a smartphone with an internet connection and you are all set to send /receive unlimited free WhatsApp messages/Audio & video files to whomsoever in the world who is using the same app on its smartphone.

WhatsApp for PC
WhatsApp is exclusively made for mobile platforms however with a little tweak, you can use WhatsApp for PC pretty easily.

Though the developers developed a web based version of this stunning app because of growing demand from the users. In today's article I will be showing a method or a step-wise tutorial to download WhatsApp for PC and use it in a similar way you do on the smartphone.

Before we move forward to this tutorial, let's have a brief introduction about the app, most importantly the history.

History of WhatsApp | WhatsApp introduction

As I've already said WhatsApp doesn't require any introduction yet there are some interesting factors that may interest us.

WhatsApp was started by two Yahoo Inc employee who had spent about 20 years together working in Yahoo.

Working at Yahoo they realised the need of a better way of communication while making it cheaper at the same time. 

After a researched they come out with an invention in 2008 which was called WhatsApp.

The app since its inception showed the growth potential and in few years it became one of the most popular app in the world.

It has been #1 app on most of the app stores which include Google Play, iTune, Windows App store etc. 

The app was a great threat to Facebook and to eliminate this thread, the social media giant bought WhatsApp for hefty 19 billion dollar which came in different forms such as shares of Facebook, Cash etc.

Today the app has about 900 million active users who are sending several million messages/photo/vidoes everyday.

The app is free to use for first year and from second year onward, only a small yearly fee of $0.99 is applicable.

Recently the developers introduced WhatsApp calling feature which was most awaited since many years. The rivals like Viber, WeChat, LINE have already incorporated this feature long back hence it was necessary for Facebook to incorporate it as soon as possible.

Among the recently updated features, WhatsApp calling feature, WhatsApp web version are two major addition that make it even better.

Silent features of WhatsApp

Before we start with downloading Whatsapp for PC, let's take a look at the silent features of this great app.
  • Send unlimited free text messages, domestic as well as international.
  • Send unlimited audio/video messages, domestic as well as international.
  • Group chat with your friends
  • Broadcast your message to wider audience
  • Free unlimited voice call to anyone in the world.
  • WhatsApp web version to use WhatsApp through browser.
  • Bookmark your message for later.
  • No ID or PIN is required to use WhatsApp unlike other apps.
  • Automatically detect users from phone contact and much more !
WhatsApp uses WiFi/ Data plan to function hence it is a smart idea to get unlimited data plan or WiFi connection to avoid huge charges.

Download WhatsApp for PC (Windows 10/ 8/ 8.1/ 7/ XP)

WhatsApp is a mobile app and it would be nice if you can anyhow use it on bigger platform such as laptop or PC. It is interesting to use WhatsApp for PC because of several reasons and are discussed below:
  • You can stay connected with your friend while you are working on the laptop since all the notification will pop up on the laptop/PC.
  • You will have bigger physical keyboard to type message.
  • It will convenience to use it on a bigger platforms.
  • Never miss any message from any contact while you're busy working your PC.
To download WhatsApp for PC, you need an android emulator to make it work. I would recommend Bluestacks android emulator as it works pretty well for me however there are several other such as youwave, Andyroid etc. Follow below steps.

Step -1) Start a browser and open website or Click here
Step -2) Download bluestacks for windows.
Step -3) Install bluestacks.
Step -4) The installation process will take a few mins. After installation, go to apps and search for WhatsApp.
Step -5) WhatsApp will pop up in search result. Click and install WhatsApp.
Step -6) Go through the registration process using your mobile number and you are ready to use WhatsApp on PC. 

Congratulations !

The process of installing WhatsApp for PC is pretty simple yet if you face any technical difficulty, please write to me through contact us page or simply write it it comment section.

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