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How to register free email at or Gmail sign in | gmail Sign | Log In - Today almost everything is being done online hence it has become must for everyone to be a tech savvy so that he/she can do the basic stuff. Since most of the stuff are being done online one important thing for all such activities is having a valid email account. Whether you are applying for a job or signing up for a newsletter on a news website, playing a game online or buying stuff online, you must have an email account. When we talk about the most popular and reliable free email service provider, comes first in my list however there are several other options too which the users can go for. The other major free email service providers include, , Hotmail/, , etc. It depends on the choice and preference of the users which company they want to go with. For me, works pretty well as I find it very reli
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Merry Christmas 2017 WhatsApp Status, Messages, Images, Wallpaper, Quotes and more

The Christmas season is one and people are all ready to celebrate this big festival. On this day, people wish their loved ones, relatives, colleges and friends by sending messages, Images, quotes on WhatsApp. Here in this post, I will list down Merry Christmas 2017 WhatsApp messages, Status, Wallpapers, Images, quotes and lots of other stuff which you can send people digitally. The WhatsApp message are pretty cool and cheapest method of wishing friends because the app is free to use and doesn't incur any charges.  We can use WhatsApp messages and status to express our feelings on this auspicious day to each other. Below are the collection of messages, quotes, images, status and wallpaper that you can send across on Christmas 2017 ! Merry Christmas 2017 WhatsApp Status - Have an ideal Christmas; an occasion that is celebrated as a reflection of your values, desires, affections, traditions. Merry Christmas.  Christmas is love in action. every time we love, every time

Unblocked Games - Fantastic source of entertainment at schools, college and everywhere else

Unblocked games The unblocked games can be played at schools, offices, banks, college and every other places where gaming websites are blocked by the administrators. Such games never requires you download huge game files on your PC to play because they are installed on the server OR made web based. Just like other games, the unblocked games can be of any category such as shooting, racing, endless running, puzzle, physics, bike, sport, car racing, riding, adventurous etc. The Unblocked games can easily be played on the PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone because apart from playing these games using keyboard on the PC, you can play on your touch devices as well. Think about the situation where you have to travel long distance through your car and you have no source of income or you're waiting to catch a flight or a train. Such games can be a great source of entertainment in those situations and keep you engaged for hours. Also see: | login There

Download WhatsApp on PC (Windows 10/ 8/ 8.1/ 7/ XP) for free

Download WhatsApp for PC WhatsApp is one of the most popular app in today's world scenario and we hardly notice anyone who doesn't know about this cross platform instant messaging app. In this post, we will talk about how to get WhatsApp for PC WhatsApp has made the communication super easy and cheaper. You just need a smartphone with an internet connection and you are all set to send /receive unlimited free WhatsApp messages/Audio & video files to whomsoever in the world who is using the same app on its smartphone. WhatsApp is exclusively made for mobile platforms however with a little tweak, you can use WhatsApp for PC pretty easily. Though the developers developed a web based version of this stunning app because of growing demand from the users. In today's article I will be showing a method or a step-wise tutorial to download WhatsApp for PC and use it in a similar way you do on the smartphone. Before we move forward to this tutorial, let's have a

How to Choose the Best Wireless Router

A wireless router is an electronic gadget used to connect numerous PCs in a system. The wireless router is also capable of sharing one Internet connection to any gadget or PC connected in a system.  If you are planning to setup a home system, there are some important aspects you should consider before purchasing a wireless router for your venture.  The greater part of the wireless routers in the market today appear to be identical yet these routers have their own particular specifications different from each other. How to Choose a Wireless Router There are several things to keep in mind while you chose the  Best Wireless Router  for your home or office and I've explained them in great details. Have a look: Transmission Speed Compare speed. The transmission speed is what you ought to look first to judge the productivity of the router. Those wireless router models delivered a few years ago have a range of 802.11g with 54 Mbps of speed.  Today, you can disc

Kim Kardashian 's Kimoji App for iPhone, Android Windows

The celebrity's app took the entire world by storm when she announced Kimoji App for iPhone few days back and for other iOS devices. Kim Kardashian's previous game app called Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a great success for the celebrity and the new Kimoji App again have created the history. Soon after its release, the App started to be downloaded by the huge fan base even though they have to spend $1.99 for this app. The iTune went down because of heavy load on server as confirmed by celebrity through Twitter. image source: itune Kim Kardashian West is among the most popular celebrity in the world and thats the reason both the apps became viral soon after its release on different app stores. The huge fan base are ready to spend money to download Celeb's app and for in-app purchase. You can download the app here Also see: iPhone 7 release date, price and specification Kimoji App for iOS, Android and Windows Kimoji app is available exclusively for iOS devi

How to delete a gmail account which you no longer required

Delete a Gmail account While some people search to find information to create a new Gmail account many others look to find a tutorial on how to delete a Gmail account. Though the process is not that difficult and the big G has laid down clear guidelines to delete a Gmail account, yet I receive quite a few requests from the readers of my blog to write a tutorial on the same topic. I really can't imagine people actually want to delete a Gmail account because in my views it doesn't harm to leave it active. However those who requested for this tutorial given different reasons of deleting Gmail account. Some of them said they have several email accounts and its difficult for them to manage all at once while some other said their email account receive lots of SPAM emails as the spammers have added the email in their email list. A few of them told that they noticed suspicious activity with the account and since the private information could be revealed in case it gets hac