Sunday, January 15, 2017

Unblocked Games - Fantastic source of entertainment at schools, college and everywhere else

Posted by Sam Smith

Unblocked games

The unblocked games can be played at schools, offices, banks, college and every other places where gaming websites are blocked by the administrators.

Such games never requires you download huge game files on your PC to play because they are installed on the server OR made web based.

Just like other games, the unblocked games can be of any category such as shooting, racing, endless running, puzzle, physics, bike, sport, car racing, riding, adventurous etc.

The Unblocked games can easily be played on the PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone because apart from playing these games using keyboard on the PC, you can play on your touch devices as well.

Think about the situation where you have to travel long distance through your car and you have no source of income or you're waiting to catch a flight or a train. Such games can be a great source of entertainment in those situations and keep you engaged for hours.

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There are plenty of websites where you can log on and play the different games of your choice free of cost.

Some websites allow you to play games as GUEST (you need not to register on the website in order to play games available on that website) however some other wants you to register for an account in order to play different games and setup a basic profile.

Some websites display statistics of different player such as the number of games played, number of wins and defeats, the rating of the users etc to let users know more about users without actually interacting with each other.

The games are more popular among the kids/teens who go to schools or colleges where the games websites are blocked by the administrators to not allow them to waste their time playing games however some games can be helpful for the kids to sharpen their mind.

The puzzle games help with development of mind and thinking power of the human being because in those cases they try different techniques to solve the puzzle and clear the levels.

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The most important and interesting thing about Unblocked games is, they are freely available to play unlike many iOS/Android and windows applications where you have to play small amount of money in order to download and install the game app in your device.

It is not just the initial amount that you have to pay to download the game app, you might have to make lots of in-game purchases as well in order to clear different levels.

Advantages of Unblocked Games

Before I share few unblocked games here, let's take look at the advantages of Unblocked games:

  • Unblocked games are played online, No download hence sames times
  • Such games since played online, don't occupy space in your PC/Laptop/Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Such games are available at Schools, Colleges and other places.
  • Such games are flash games and free.
  • You can share the games simply by suggesting the website name to your friends.
  • Unblocked games can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and other social media websites.
  • Since such games do not require to be downloaded, it saves upon cost which you might otherwise have spent as a result of data transfer in downloading the game files.
  • No headache of installation of games which may require technical knowledge.

Disadvantages of Unblocked Games

Everything which has advantages has bad side too which we generally call disadvantages. Let take a look at disadvantages of unblocked games.
  • A reliable internet connection is required to play game online as any fluctuation with internet may interrupt the game
  • Since the games are played online, it consumes lots of data.
  • It may result in huge cost of internet if you are not subscribed for unlimited data plan.

Popular unblocked game categories

Among the popular unblocked games, agrio, Happy Wheels, Flapping birds etc are the most popular game which requires you to use your mind and different resources to clear the levels.

As soon as you clear the levels, every next level starts to become tougher and tougher and you may require to quickly move your finger over the device and quick thinking as well.

For example in shooting game like duck hunts, the first level have smaller number of ducks to be shoot down however when you move to second level the number of ducks increase and may require you to fire faster to kill as many ducks as possible.

Apart from it, the developers have created the unblocked version of popular classic games such a Mario, Pacman etc which you can play online without actually downloading them in your PC.

Such games used to be of huge size and required to have bigger disk space in your PC. But with the advancement of technology, such games are can be played online and even on smaller devices such as smartphone.